Quality Management

Rudrarv Global India Quality management strategy focuses on the processes necessary for identifying the quality standards relevant to the project and determining how to satisfy them. The processes include the following:

  • Deploying a quality management plan that is consistent with international standard.
  • Upholding the quality metrics or key performance indices set by the contractor as applicable to any project.
  • Develop a quality checklist that engineers would observe on a project to ensure that the quality standards are met.
  • Set a quality baseline that would serve as a checklist for measurements.

Quality Management Unit

The function of the Quality management unit is to ensure that the Quality management strategy is implemented. The roles are ...

Quality Planning

  • Determine the environmental factors that can affect quality in the project.
  • Evaluate the organizational processes and quality standard.
  • Evaluate the scope of work and quality implication at every stage of the project.
Quality Assurance

  • Develop a quality management metrics in accordance with the clients' standards
  • Develop a process improvement plan for processes that are lagging.
  • Approve change request and ensure implementation.
  • Ensure that corrective actions and repairs are implemented promptly.
Quality Control

  • Ensure that set quality standards are met.
  • Updates the quality baseline and metrics.
  • Updates the organization process asset and validate deliverables.