Our Policy

Rudrarv Global India as a Engineering Service Delivery company believes that Health, Safety, respect for the Environment, and safeguarding of Assets are essential to efficient operations and the welfare of our employees, contractors and other stakeholders. We are committed to having a HSE Management System in place, which recognizes the fact that safe operations depend not only on technically sound facilities and equipment but also on competent personnel and a pro-active HSE culture.

It is our policy to:

  • Maintain safe operations in equipment installation activities and provide safe facilities, engineering kits and installation tools that are designed for engineering safety.
  • Monitor the health of all employees on a regular basis to ensure they are not adversely affected by exposure to work environment.
  • Work closely with our contractors and suppliers to help them comply with our HSE standards.
  • Maintain adequate emergency response procedures and resources to minimize the impact of accidents that could occur at workplace, and test systems and tools for effectiveness.
  • Ensure that employees, contractors and stakeholders are aware of, trained on our HSE requirements, and abide by them.
  • Conduct internal audits and periodic reviews, backed by third party audits to identify shortfalls and possible areas of improvement.
  • Pursue continuous improvement in the measures taken to protect the Health, Safety and Environment of those who may be within the parameter of our work sites by employing the use of signage.
  • Report and analyze all accidents, incidents and anomalies in order to improve procedures, the behavior of customers/staff and equipment in the running of our operations.
  • Set and monitor measurable HSE performance indicators that are part of our business plan and budget to analyze and report deficiencies or strengths as part of the monthly management scoreboard.
  • Recognize and reward those who contribute to improved HSE performance.