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in Engineering, Manufacturing & Hospitality Services

On-Demand Solutions & In-Depth Experience

Rudrarv Global India started functions actively on the market since 2014. During 7 Year activity we developed from a small, unknown firm into a company employing about 120 people that is a leader on the market of enterprises solutions and to carry on a business as Telecommunication, Electrical and Construction Engineering, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing & Trading as well as Hospitality Services with special focus on Technology design and development, implementation and support, consulting and utilization training.

Our strong understanding on-demand solutions and our in-depth experience in the industry give us the competitive strength in the market.

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Mission & Values

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.


Corporate Structure

Each of our departments effectively performs their specialized function while collaborating with each other to achieve the corporate's goals.


Corporate Accountability

We assure that our company will always keep our performance and behavior in line with the government's regulations on environment protection.


Happy Customers Said

I would say I highly recommend this to my friends, acquaintances and family members. The attitude and services are always dedicated.

Thank you all SO much!!! We cannot express how much we truly appreciate you jumping into this project with such a tight turnaround! Thanks to everyone for pushing this to completion,

We have been a customer with Enreach for a few years and they supply us with much of our communications here. We are very satisfied as they have been quick to respond, always on hand and easy to contact.

Having been in the IT industry since the late 80’s, I have only met a few companies that I am willing to have manage projects on our behalf and/or consider a strategic partner. Telecom fits both descriptions to a T.

Being secure in Telecom’s capability and willingness to deliver allows me to concentrate on the other aspects of projects without worry. Telecom has been an invaluable asset to me.


Industries Served

Civil Engineering

Rudrarv Global India offer a full range of alternative delivery methods and pricing options tailored


Electrical Engineering

Rudrarv Global India is one of the leading electrical contractors in the India. As an electrical se


Telecommunication Engineering

Rudrarv Global India’s Project Management Services (PMS) as a specialized service that provides its


Medium & Small Scale Machinery Manufacturing And Trading

At Rudrarv, we make what matters work. By making power safe, efficient and reliable, we improve the


Hospitality Services

Rudrarv has evolved from an iconic company to a dynamic hospitality ecosystem. By strategically reim